Coaching and mentoring for multi-passionates

You want to fulfill your obligations,

...but how do you balance multiple commitments with quality?

Coaching for professionals to achieve clarity in their roles, so they deliver on promises without compromising quality and efficiency.

At Amelium, I provide coaching, mentoring and supervision to individuals who pursue multiple concurrent careers and passions. These unconventional people lead what’s known as a hyphenated or portfolio life, a way of living and working that offers independence, choice, diversity and a sense of identity.

However here, let me say the truth behind the facade.

  • You feel a general uncertainty about which priorities to give to your many simultaneous commitments; this ambiguity runs through your life experience and sometimes prevents you from seeing clearly and decisively in the moment of need.

  • You have to navigate your own complexity, and because you have no safe space to fall back on, you take a long time to make a decision. You are sometimes seen as an insecure person.

  • You rush around, looking at your to-do list and trying to complete it, but keep coming back on the most pressing task (remember? – lack of clarity!). Other people’s expectations make you feel anxious; this anxiety stresses you out. You look impatient to others.

  • You have tried countless times to gain a definitive and comprehensive view of your portofolio, but it keeps slipping away. You feel defeated and then tell yourself your favourite mantra, “I can’t help it anyway”, which in turn becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to constantly fight against your self-defeatism, a never-ending battle that you can’t win. – But is that really true?

I am also a one person/several careers individual, a portofolio lifer.
I had a hard time getting clarity, decisiveness, conquer anxiety, and learn to ground myself, so that I could balance my time and energy efficiently.
My activities span across the fields of technology,  community leadership and personal healing.

Getting down, getting up, getting on

3 months to get all your commitments in order with a solid perspective.

This programme is a 3-month, 1:1 process that's designed to provide high quality support, be flexible and be tailored to your needs

It will help you

  • Find a place to ground yourself and feel safe;
  • Gain a perspective on your own portfolio;
  • Identify and organize your priorities;
  • Feel confident (re)balancing your activities.

In our 12 weeks of 1:1 work, you’ll get:

  • A detailed ‘getting to know you’ form to fill out before we begin;
  • 12, hour-long 1:1 sessions with me (that’s one per week)
  • Homework between sessions (and be accountable!)
  • Email, WhatsApp & Voicemail support between sessions

Total time commitment: 2-3 hours per week

Your investment is: CHF 900 (or EURO)
(That’s right, it’s cheaper than a 12 hour private language course)


  • Weekly, personalized, and narrated relaxations/meditations
  • Motivational videos / articles / poems / tips&tricks / you name it…

Who has the best chance of success with this program? YOU! If…

  • You pursue multiple simultaneous careers/passions
  • You’re ready, willing, and able to carve out 2-3 hours/week for YOUR portfolio life
  • You’re comfortable with the basic technology required: Zoom, email, WhatsApp (There is always a way to make it work.)

Who may not find success with this program? You, if… 

  • You can’t commit 2-3 hours of working on your portfolio per week
  • You’re in a busy season of your life, being pulled in 50 different directions, and it’s impossible to focus on anything. Your plate is already full.

Client Says

“The over-riding benefit was one of clarity. Loïs' coaching style is warm and thoughtful, providing an excellent bedrock from which to consider life's questions, from navigating the complexities of varied responsibilities to deeper, more values-driven issues.”
Fiona M.-R.
Partners for a New Economy
“The sessions helped me set priorities to my professional projects, and deepen the relationships with my colleagues and partners. I appreciated the diversity of approaches proposed by Loïs, the quality of his active listening and his benevolence.”
Christian B.
Fondateur, IKAARA

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